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Why us:
  • Web Vertical Domains is the only company that provides A-Z solutions for businesses
  • Our end-to-end solutions provides you with a one-stop-shop for all your branding needs 
  • None of our work is outsourced; everything is done locally at our missussauga office
  • We provide packages and solutions at a extremely competitive price tag.
  • Exceptional Services and after Sales Support
  • Strategic Business Development Ideas
  • Interactive Websites that will boost your business and revenue.

Web Vertical Domains is a full service web and graphic design company located in Mississauga. Founded in 2013, our company has over 5 years of experience providing end-to-end branding and consultation solution for all sized companies.

We specialize in company branding (everything from logo to website development), mobile applications and will provide you with a one-stop solution for your business. Business branding has a certain degree of technicality, we understand that you will be busy managing business and growing your company and will assist you in tackling these problems by pinpointing critical issues and solving them.


Our Track Record:

In just a span last 3 years we have made an impact and good client relationships with more than 200 clients all over Canada and abroad.

Majority of our services are available to local businesses within Canada, and we are not satisfied with this…. we are eager to explore and develop for more industries and build new and long-lasting client relationships.


Our Solutions:

Our Business solutions and support are available for all B2B or B2C Companies irrespective of the business size across various industries.

At Web Vertical Domains, we provide high quality web solutions to take your business to new heights.

Our services are high quality, exceptional and tailored.

We provide after sales support, this is our forte. We value all our customers and clients and make sure that your business is running  smooth without any Problems.

We provide innovative business ideas to our clients to make sure that your business tactics are shaped to reach more heights and revenue.


Our team:

Web Vertical Domains is composed of a strong team of creative designers, business professionals and software developers who seek to provide exceptional service to clients so that they can achieve business goals.

Being a business ourself, We would love to mentor and share our wisdom with clients


Benifits of branding with us: 


  • Create a unique identity in the saturated world of businesses.
  • Increase the financial value and reputation for you, your organization or your company
  • Web Vertical Domains provides one-stop-shop branding solution without you worrying
  • Packages to suit every individual, every industry, any budget and any location
  • 5 years in the business, over 200 clients, look at our portfolio for examples of our work


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